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Why us?

because we know the payroll sector best and bring access to a depth of payroll talent and expertise that is unique to the sector

What makes us different?

Direct access to the top 15% of payroll talent nationally

We are already engaged with the best performers in the payroll sector;

  1. We advise them, train them and educate them
  2. We speak with them on a constant basis about the industry and what they want from it
  3. We know how important getting the right person is to solving your payroll challenges.

The very best payroll people are unlikely to be looking for their next job tomorrow. They are actively engaged, retained and well-paid by their employers because their true value is both recognised and rewarded appropriately.

It is this “passive” talent pool of payroll people that we work with and are most engaged with, and who are interested in hearing from us about new opportunities and challenges. These opportunities are presented to the candidate from a source of trust, and as such come as being of genuine mutual benefit to both the employer and the ongoing career development (and/or quality of life) of the payroll professional themselves.

They fully appreciate that this is done “off the radar” with total discretion via a qualified professional payroll network – not a “recruitment agency”.

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Traditional payroll recruitment processes are outdated, inaccurate & reactive

A reliance on job boards and generalist agency job sites has become increasingly inaccurate, overused and outdated. A job board has become a reactive recruiting model that places businesses on the back foot. Organisations do not benefit from lots of recruiters racing against each other to fill a payroll position in a contest that rewards speed over quality.

Most importantly, 8 out of 10 payroll professionals “strongly dislike” the way they are treated and the lack of qualified payroll career advice when dealing with recruitment agencies.

Aust Payroll Oct 2020 1245

Our own People (No online / job board advertising)

APA sources known and trusted payroll people from our own extended network. This adds a high level of accuracy to our process and also provides for total discretion and differentiation.

Take the Payroll Knowledge Assessment

Originally developed by Australian Payroll Association as part of a training aid, the knowledge test provides us with a true indication of a candidate’s technical payroll knowledge, which can be benchmarked against industry averages.

We work with the best Payroll people in the sector

APA provides technical and legislative payroll advice to a huge diversity of clients including many of Australia's leading organisations. We work to develop, advise and assist payroll leaders every day.

We are who organisations trust

for independent advice and solutions when default payroll recruitment processes are unsuccessful. ie. external recruitment agencies and in-house recruitment functions.


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