STP Phase 2 – What we’ve learnt so far


Watch Jasmine Fernance, Head of Consulting at Australian Payroll Association, as she explores our STP Phase 2 learnings so far.

Have you read the Employer Guide and are still unsure about the practical application of the reporting requirements? Jasmine will cover the aspects of STP Phase 2 reporting where we see the most common errors and where we get the most questions.

What you will get:

  • 3 hours of STP2 content
  • Copy of materials
  • Your questions answered


This course is suitable for:

  • Employers who have already transitioned to STP and want to re-affirm their reporting is correct
  • Employers currently transitioning to STP
  • Employers who are yet to transition to STP and want to be prepared in advance


It is recommended that attendees have familiarity with the basic obligations of STP Phase 2 reporting prior to watching this session.

Date: Anytime

Delivery: Via our online learning portal

Price: $425 (member discounts apply)


$425.00 inc. GST

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