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Want to know more about our signature two day “Payroll Leadership Academy”

Are you a leader and manager in the Payroll world? Would you like to expand your skill set, understand what is possible in payroll and take your leadership skills to the next level?

Payroll Leadership Academy is an intensive two day, advanced learning program that focuses on the skills that payroll professionals and leaders need to be stronger and more effective. Our signature two day event is immersive and hands on,helping you to become the best payroll leader you can. This in turn will maximise the positive impact of payroll for your employer and that can only be a good thing for you.

The realisation of a compliant, optimised payroll function is at best misunderstood and at worse overlooked by many employers. Capitalising on these often missed opportunities is what separates a ‘best in class’ payroll operation with a high risk one. One of our main aims with this program is to teach you how to add value and show value, two important considerations for any payroll professional.

In this engaging, detailed, hands on two day program, payroll leaders will learn practical skills and expertise that they can immediately implement in the workplace. This means there is great value to be had for anyone attending the event.

Why enrol?
Elevate your Career
Boost efficiency of payroll process
Learn transferable leadership skills
Transform your payroll function to Best in Class
Who is Payroll Leadership Academy for?

Payroll Leadership Event is for people who are serious about their career and want to be viewed as an expert in their field and a trusted leader in their business. If you are keen to have a broader impact in your business by increasing the profile and tangible value of payroll, this event is for you.

What will we be covering?

We will be covering a lot in the two days. There will be lots of information exchanged as part of the programme content as well as a few surprises.

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Price: $2,595

The programme is broken down into six modules.

Module 1 – Payroll leadership

  • Definition of leadership
  • Intentional planning as a payroll leader
  • Leadership goals – what can you achieve?
  • Leadership skills
  • Leadership styles

Module 2 – People & teams

  • People we pay, executives and regulators
  • How to build an A grade payroll team
  • Payroll recruitment framework
  • Leading a team

Module 3 – Productivity & outcomes

  • Being a proactive leader
  • What are our stakeholders trying to achieve through payroll?
  • Time management
  • Focused outcomes
  • Extracting value from the payroll function

Module 4 – Payroll processes

  • Process mapping
  • Optimising the payroll function
  • Governance and controls
  • Payroll risk
  • Red flags in a payroll process
  • Payroll strategy

Module 5 – Technology

  • Current trends in technology
  • Payroll technology procurement framework
  • Employee engagement and experience
  • Payroll outsourcing vs inhouse
  • Payroll implementation and transformation
  • Technology to make you more efficient

Module 6 – Presentation skills for payroll

  • Data extraction and presentation
  • Sharing useful and critical information with the business
  • Tips and tricks for powerful presentations
  • Data analytics
Upcoming Payroll Leadership Academy Dates

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