Annualised Salaries Webinar


As of 1st March 2020, major changes to 22 modern awards will come into effect, focusing on record-keeping, timesheets and wage reconciliation to ensure an “annual salary employee” is always paid at or above award rates.

In this Webinar, join Athena Koelmeyer, Managing Director of Workplace Law and Tracy Angwin, CEO of Australian Payroll Association as they discuss the upcoming changes for employees paid under annual salaries.

This webinar will focus on;

  • Which awards does this apply to and how to identify award-based affected employees.
  • Employee contracts
  • Record-keeping requirements and reconciliations
  • Outer limits
  • Implementing changes to your business

The webinar will run for approximately 1 hour and you will leave with confidence in your protocols, employee contracts and be able to advise your business on what they need to do to remain compliant.

WHEN: Available On Demand (Duration approx 1 hr)


$220.00 inc. GST

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