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Make sure you train your payroll backup [ 26-Jan-2015 ]

One of the key risk management criteria we look for in a Payroll Compliance Audit is whether you..

5 reasons why you won’t find the best payroll professionals on SEEK [ 31-Aug-2014 ]

Andy Thompson, Recruitment Director The vast majority of payroll recruitment processes these..

Best practice guide to termination [ 17-Aug-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) By Athena Koelmeyer, managing director, Workplace Law Terminatin..

Payroll myths [ 20-Jul-2014 ]

There are many myths about payroll - here are some that are often overlooked. Myth: all ma..

Top 3 tips to navigating online recruitment [ 13-Jul-2014 ]

From where I sit I have recently observed a marked increase in the amount of inaccuracy and unet..

Best tips for end of year [ 09-Jun-2014 ]

The end of the financial year is fast approaching and it’s about this time of year that we..

Closed over Easter/Anzac Day long weekend? [ 21-Apr-2014 ]

There are 2 different types of temporary business closure. Employee entitlements are dif..

Payroll Outsourcers Registering as a BAS Agent [ 21-Apr-2014 ]

Peter Thorp, Director of PT Partners and Australian Bookkeeping Network As an outsource ..

How to talk to women about their pregnancy, parental leave and return to work [ 13-Apr-2014 ]

Nina Collins I have recently returned to work after a year's maternity leave. While in the ..

Twenty is the new twenty one [ 30-Mar-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Commission (the ..

Qualification permission letters [ 23-Mar-2014 ]

We have taken many enquiries lately from payroll professionals who want to ask their employer to..

Contractor Management Outsourcing – the ‘what’ and ‘why’ [ 16-Mar-2014 ]

Oncore Services ( Like many across the globe, Australian bu..

Workplace myth: I'm a ‘permanent casual’ [ 16-Mar-2014 ]

There is no such thing as a ‘permanent casual’, ‘part-time casual’ or &l..

Ask an expert - redundancy notice [ 16-Feb-2014 ]

Maria Nikoletatos, Chief Knowledge Officer, Australian Payroll Association - See more at: ..

Can an employer request more evidence of sickness than a simple medical certificate? [ 16-Feb-2014 ]

(source Mondaq) Article by Charles Power. In order for an employee to take accrued pa..

Non-compliance with IT Policies by IT employee justified dismissal [ 16-Feb-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Thanh Vu v Commonwealth of Au..

Industrial relations in 2014 [ 09-Feb-2014 ]

Workplace Law ( Welcome back to readers for 2014, in a year that..

Pay slips [ 09-Feb-2014 ]

Employers have to give all employees a pay slip within one working day of their pay day, even wh..

Ask an expert - entitlement accrual [ 02-Feb-2014 ]

Maria Nikoletatos, Chief Knowledge Officer Australian Payroll Association - See more at: h..

Top 5: Payroll Staff Retention/Engagement Strategies for 2014. [ 02-Feb-2014 ]

Ongoing development and engagement of payroll people is a big part of what we are about. Now..

Ask an expert - termination notice [ 05-Jan-2014 ]

Maria Nikoletatos, Chief Knowledge Officer Australian Payroll Association - See more at: h..

Consent Arbitration of General Protections and Unlawful Termination Disputes [ 15-Dec-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( While there has been significant focus o..

Bullying Code may be abandoned and replaced with a Guide [ 10-Nov-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( The much anticipated Code of Practice for Preven..

What is community service leave? [ 03-Nov-2013 ]

From 1 January 2010, the National Employment Standards (NES) replace the non-pay rate provisions..

Ask an expert - long service leave [ 27-Oct-2013 ]

Maria Nikoletatos, Chief Knowledge Officer Australian Payroll Association (/membership) ..

Ask an expert - Parental leave policy [ 13-Oct-2013 ]

Q: When reviewing my firm’s Parental Leave policy, is there any best practice advice for..

More flexibility around public holidays for some [ 07-Oct-2013 ]

Worklaw Law ( The Fair Work Commission has recently unde..

Ask an expert - Payroll Tax [ 29-Sep-2013 ]

Q: We have several overseas directors who received a fixed annual travel allowance each year (..

Ask an expert - Unpaid Parental Leave [ 22-Sep-2013 ]

Q: If an employee is on Unpaid Parental Leave (so their payments and leave accruals ha..

$42,075 for individual who attempted to avoid back pay [ 28-Jul-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Ombudsman has prosecuted a com..

Permission to attend conference [ 21-Jul-2013 ]

Dear (your boss' name), I would really like to attend the Australian Payroll Association one..

Executive briefings – Top 3 mistakes to avoid [ 14-Jul-2013 ]

In 2013, information overload is at epidemic proportions. How do you ensure your presentation h..

Fair Work and Payroll slideshare presentation [ 07-Jul-2013 ]

Fair work and payroll (

Superstream pilot program [ 23-Jun-2013 ]

The SuperStream reforms will affect superannuation funds and employers and require will contribu..

Ask an expert - When exactly does new SG rate apply? [ 16-Jun-2013 ]

Q: Our pay period ends on or before 30 June however the payment for that pay period will be ma..

Changes to the Proposed Bullying Code [ 16-Jun-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( To support and compliment the model Work Health ..

FREE WEBINAR: Do we really have to spend money to make money? [ 16-Jun-2013 ]

OK, we’ve all heard the phrase you have to spend money to make money, but is it a clich&ea..

Accessorial liability - Payroll and HR staff at risk [ 02-Jun-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( A relatively unknown provision of the Fair ..

Ask an expert - overpayments [ 02-Jun-2013 ]

Q: We have an interesting situation where we appear to be receiving conflicting information. ..

Ask an expert - payment of super to terminated employee [ 19-May-2013 ]

Q: We have one employee who has been terminated on 1/2/13 and he was with Sun Super fund and ..

Ask an expert - Travel and living away from home allowances [ 28-Apr-2013 ]

Q: I work for a freight company which uses the Road Transport Long Distance Operations award 2..

New Proposed Anti Bullying Laws [ 28-Apr-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Amendment Bill 2013 has pro..

Ask an expert - LSL [ 14-Apr-2013 ]

Q: We have an employee in NSW who has worked 5 years full-time, 3.5 years 4days and 1.5 years ..

Ask an expert - Novated lease and car allowance [ 01-Apr-2013 ]

Q: We have a sales staff that has a Novated lease as well as a Car Allowance. What I would lik..

Ask an expert - Stopping super contributions [ 01-Apr-2013 ]

Q: An employee has accumulated $24,000 employer super contributions and pre –tax contrib..

Easter Holiday Break – Employment Issues [ 01-Apr-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( The Easter Holiday break can raise issues..

Ask an expert - maternity leave [ 10-Mar-2013 ]

Q: We have a young man who has been covering a Maternity leave position for the past 12 months..

Federal Magistrates Court fines company Director and company for underpayment of wages [ 10-Mar-2013 ]

Athena Koelmeyer Workplace Law ( In a recent decisio..

Ask an expert - closed super account [ 03-Mar-2013 ]

Q: We have a small amount of superannuation ($649) that has been returned by an ex employee's ..

Ask an expert - redundancy and re-employment [ 03-Mar-2013 ]

Q: We have an employee whose position was made redundant as at end of December. It has now co..

Non-compliance to new visa laws – penalties and shaming for employers [ 03-Mar-2013 ]

Athena Koelmeyer Workplace Law ( The new Migration Amend..

Ask an expert - paid parental leave [ 24-Feb-2013 ]

Q: I have a client whose employee (male) has requested parental leave. Can you please advise w..

Small business faces heavy fine after worker injured from unguarded and unsupervised machine [ 24-Feb-2013 ]

Athena Koelmeyer Workplace Law ( Inspector Hughes v ..

Ask an expert - Superannuation payments [ 17-Feb-2013 ]

Q: I have had a request from an employee to change his super. The super fund he has chosen do..

Public Holidays, Sick Leave and Payment [ 17-Feb-2013 ]

Athena Koelmeyer Workplace Law ( Are employers requi..

What are the training pathways for payroll training in Australia? [ 17-Feb-2013 ]

Q: I have a question regarding the career pathway for the Diploma of Payroll Management. I..

FWO & the Commission - what’s the difference? [ 10-Feb-2013 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) and the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) are the two ke..

Lots of work for no pay...the FWO report into unpaid work experience and internships in Australia [ 10-Feb-2013 ]

By Athena Koelmeyer Workplace Law ( The issue of work for no..

Ask an expert - Accrual of LSL after re-employment [ 03-Feb-2013 ]

Q: I have a question regarding accrual of LSL after re-employment. The employee (worker)..

Ask an expert - Health insurance [ 03-Feb-2013 ]

Q: Just wondering if you had any information on changes to % for Health Insurance - hig..

Payslips [ 03-Feb-2013 ]

Employers have to give all employees a pay slip within 1 working day of their pay day, even when..

Ask an expert - $25,000 superannuation cap [ 20-Jan-2013 ]

Q: There is an expectation by employees at my organisation that we ensure they do not breech t..

Overview of the unfair dismissal laws [ 13-Jan-2013 ]

(source Fair Work Commission) What is unfair dismissal? An unfair dismissal occurs where..

Workplace Relations – what lies ahead in 2013? [ 13-Jan-2013 ]

Athena Koelmeyer Workplace Law ( Being the first ar..

Ask an expert - annual leave [ 16-Dec-2012 ]

Q: Thanks first for the excellent newsletters and updates that come through regularly from you..

Ask an expert - redundancy [ 09-Dec-2012 ]

Q: I have a question on redundancy pay. Employee age is : under 45 Years of Service : ..

Ask an expert - Workcover [ 09-Dec-2012 ]

Q: We are a Qld business. We have a clerical employee who is partially incapacitated..

Ask an expert - taxation for prior period [ 25-Nov-2012 ]

Q: We have commenced an employee on 11/6/12 and I found out that he has not been paid from his..

Ask an expert - Lump Sum A [ 18-Nov-2012 ]

Q: I have a general taxation query that you may be able to assist with. When paying out a..

Ask an expert - Car allowance [ 28-Oct-2012 ]

Q: Just wondering if you can assist or point me in the right direction please? Firstly, we..

Ask an expert - leave accrual on workers compensation [ 07-Oct-2012 ]

Q: We have a query regarding the accrual of leave while absent on workers compensation. T..

Ask an expert - no TFN [ 16-Sep-2012 ]

Q: I can’t recall whether we enter 999 999 999 or 000 000 000 into Payment Summaries whe..

Ask an expert - Cashing out LSL [ 20-Aug-2012 ]

Q: Is it permissible to cash out Long Service Leave in SA pro-rata (7+ years) and not just ent..

Ask an expert - compulsory leave [ 20-Aug-2012 ]

Q: My question is, can an employer insist on an employee taking 3 months leave “ to get ..

Ask an expert - Government paid parental leave [ 20-Aug-2012 ]

Q: We have an employee who is on Centrelink paid parental leave beginning this financial year ..

Ask an expert - annual leave accrual on lieu in notice [ 12-Aug-2012 ]

Q: Is Annual leave accrued and paid on the In Lieu of Notice period ? A: No. This is in ..

Ask an expert - HECS/HELP [ 12-Aug-2012 ]

Q: Other than apologising, is there any obligation for failing to deduct HECS/HELP for an (ex)..

Ask an expert - Prorated LSL on retirement [ 12-Aug-2012 ]

Q: I have a staff member who is ready to retire and is aged 57, they have been with the compan..

Ask an expert - expense claim reimbursement [ 29-Jul-2012 ]

Q: I'm not a temperance person but it is my understanding that alcohol is not a reimbursable c..

Ask an expert - 2012/13 tax tables [ 22-Jul-2012 ]

Q: I am getting a lot of queries from employees that are NOT claiming the tax free threshold w..

Ask an expert - Leave in probation period [ 22-Jul-2012 ]

Q: One of our staff commenced 5 Mar12 and is on 6months probation has taken 1 sick day on 5 Ju..

Ask an expert - Leave accrual on unpaid leave [ 15-Jul-2012 ]

Q: I understand that FWA states that an employee is not entitled to accrue leave on unpaid lea..

Ask an expert - accrual of leave on LWOP [ 26-Jul-2010 ]

Q: Previously under the Queensland State Awards, we had accrued leave entitlements (i.e. Annual, S..



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