While our engagements vary, the core problems we tackle remain the same.  Typically our clients have a 'feeling' there are issues of compliance, governance or knowledge gaps in their payroll.  We use our 7 step methodology to uncover the exact cause of the problems and provide recommendations and solutions.

What is the Seven Step Payroll Productivity Methodology?


Our Packages

ASSESS - Payroll Productivity Assessment

We use our payroll productivity and payroll benchmarking tools to give you an understanding of your payroll efficiency and effectiveness and provide recommendation for improvement.

IMPLEMENT - Payroll Optimisation

This package includes an end to end payroll process review, a skills gap analysis of your team, assessment of payroll governance and best practice payroll processing, risk assessment and payroll continuity assessment.  It also includes a payroll benchmarking report on your payroll operation and recommendations for improvement.

DELIVER - Payroll Best Practice Delivery

An end to end assessment of your payroll operation and delivery of payroll best practice.  This includes remediation where necessary around payroll governance, risk mitigation, payroll continuity and a full payroll benchmarking report.  Rather than providing recommendations, your APA consultant will deliver you a best practice payroll operation.

Seven Step Payroll productivity methodology for each package





Payroll Productivity Indicator
Yes Yes

Process review
  End to end process review
End to end process review and re-engineering

  Skills gap analysis of staff Skills gap analysis of staff and provide required training or qualification

Payroll governance
  Ensure acceptable payroll governance and assist with best practice payroll processing
Ensure acceptable payroll governance and implement best practice payroll processing

Risk Management
  Identify and provide recommendations to remediate risk (fraud, fines, errors, compliance)
Identify and remediate risk (fraud, fines, errors, compliance) 

Payroll Continuity
  Test payroll continuity solution (disaster recovery, documentation, checklists and test) and provide recommendations where required
Deliver payroll continuity solution (disaster recovery, documentation, checklists and test)

Payroll Benchmarking
Yes Yes Yes

Optional extras:

  • Online payroll training
  • Certificate IV in Payroll Administration
  • Diploma of Payroll Management
  • Payroll Knowledge Test
  • Specialist payroll recruitment
  • Annual membership
  • Technology evaluation and selection consulting
  • Project management of technology implementations
  • Payroll audit services

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